Saturday, January 12, 2013

स्वत: ची ओळखणे हेच शिक्षण....... प्रसिद्ध विचारवंत श्री ई व्ही स्वामिनाथन

MKV celebrates Youth Day with great enthusiasm

The College of Agriculture and the College of Home Science, Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani  jointly celebrated the Youth Day by paying warm tribute to Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand and by conducting a workshop on Emotional Engineering to revitalize the youth and staff on this great occasion. All the Staff and students of MKV participated in it with great enthusiasm. The student representatives felicitated all the dignitaries. Hon. Vice-Chancellor, MKV Dr. Kishanrao Gore was the president of the function. He extended greetings and best wishes to the student’s community on eve of Youth Day. Prof.Vishala gave introduction of the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest Hon. E.V. Swaminathan, an eminent Consultant in Emotional Engineering, Mumbai guided the students and staff excellently on the topics of Management of mind, memory, emotions and stress for leading quality and meaningful life. The students and staff expressed their gratitude and thanks to him for it. This workshop was organized by Associate Dean & Principal Dr. N. D. Pawar and Prof. Vishala Patnam. Director of Extension Education Dr.Ashok Dhawan gave the feedback on the workshop. The pre-preparations and anchoring work were done Dr. Sunita Kale, Prof. Medha Umbrikar and Dr.Veena Bhalerao.